Monday, September 30, 2013

Where it All Began

Building:  Beardshear Hall
Location:  Ames, IA
Time: 7:22pm
Composition:  Exactly 365 days ago today, I took a photo of Beardshear Hall for a photography class.  The photo started, what would turn out to be a fantastic learning experience.  To end my 365 day study, I returned to the exact same composition, at the exact same time as my first photo.  This long term time lapse shows that the building has changed very little.  Because I was disappointed with the sky tonight, I chose to include the passing bus to add some more action to the shot.
Process:  None
Meta Data:  18mm     f/5.6     SS: 1/3s     ISO: 100

Sunday, September 29, 2013

School Tradition

Building:  Memorial Union
Location:  Ames, IA
Time:  11:12am
Composition:  On axis with the wood door.  By taking the photo low to the ground, the raised texture of the Zodiac can be seen.  The tradition at ISU is that if one steps on the Zodiac, they will fail their next exam.  As seen in the image, people old and young stick to the tradition in avoiding the Zodiac.
Process:  I took four different photographs to capture the people in different positions around the Zodiac.  I then stacked and blended the four images together to give the appearance that the room was more crowded.
Meta Data:  18mm     f/4.5     SS: 1/8s     ISO: 100

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dynamic Facade

Building:  Wallace Hall
Location:  AMes, IA
Time:  5:29pm
Composition:  Zoom in of a facade of a residential building.  On hot days, students open up their windows, which stick out into space creating a dynamic texture on the facade.
Process:  I cropped the photo slightly so that only the windows were showing.
Meta Data:  55mm     f/5.6     SS: 1/1000s     ISO: 100

Friday, September 27, 2013

Concession Stand

Building:  Cyclone Sports Complex Concession Stand
Location:  AMes, IA
Time:  6:01pm
Composition:  I wanted to shows the relationship between the concession stand and the fields.  By doing a partial elevation, the distance between the concessions and fields can be seen.
Process:  None
Meta Data:  30mm     f/4.5     SS: 1/1250s     ISO: 100

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Radial Grate

Building:  Loading Dock
Location:  Ames, IA
Time:  5:31pm
Composition:  Zoom in on the center of the grate covering the HVAC fan.  I focused on the grate to disguise what the grate was covering.
Process:  None
Meta Data:  55mm     f/5.6     SS: 1/25s     ISO: 100

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Coffered Roof

Building:  Storms Dining Center
Location:  Ames, IA
Time:  5:23pm
Composition:  Looking up into the corner of the building to see the repeating pattern of the coffers as they spread away from the corner.
Process: None
Meta Data:  19mm     f/4.5     SS: 1/320s     ISO: 100

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fire Escape

Building:  Friley Hall
Location:  Ames, IA
Time:  5:09pm
Composition:  Photograph of the shadows caused by the fire escape.
Process:  I decided to photograph this image in black and white because the the fire escape was completely covered in red rust and it became hard to differentiate between the brick and the stairs
Meta Data:  29mm     f/4.5     SS: 1/2000s     ISO: 100