Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colored Bridge

Building:  Gray's Lake Bridge
Location:  Des Moines, IA
Time:  9:39pm
Composition:  By standing off to the left of the bridge, I was able to capture the Des Moines skyline in the image, which shows the relationship between the bridge and the city.  In addition, the sweep of the bridge is easier to see.  Unfortunately, I got to the bridge a little later than planned due to traffic and missed the dusk period, as a result I had to bump up my ISO and shutter speed to get a decent amount of light into the picture, which sadly resulted in some noise in the sky.
Process:  Used Photoshop Raw to increase the saturation of the colored lights on the bridge.
Meta Data:  24mm     f/25     SS: 20s     ISO: 800

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