Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twin Spires Cathedral

Building:  Twin Spires Cathedral
Location:  St. Joseph, MO
Time:  4:23pm
Composition:  Because of the amount of traffic signs, power lines, obstacles, and the height of the building I had to take the the building catty corner to the building to reduce the amount of clutter in the foreground and reduce the 3 point perspective caused by looking up at the spires.
Critique:  The power lines are a little distracting but much better than the many traffic signs that were bent in front of the building.
Process:  I used the Dodge Tool to lighten up the left side of the building.  Because the photo was taken late in the day, the left side of the building was completely in shadow.  The Dodge tool allowed me to bring a lot of the detail back into the image.  Finally, I used Photoshop to straighten the verticals of the building.
Meta Data:  18mm     f/5.6     SS: 1/800s     ISO:100

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