Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frozen Time-Lapse

Building:  River Renaissance Pavilion
Location:  Waterloo, IA
Time:  8:10-9:30pm
Composition:  When I decided to do a time-lapse of the pavilion, I wanted to get the sunset in it but a building was blocking the sun.  I decided to set the pavilion on the left third of the image and capture the river and site context in the rest of the image.
Process:  I took a different approach in assembling the time-lapse.  Rather than a video, I overlapped all of the images (350).  I used the final image of the time-lapse as a base image and stacked all of the other images on top of it.  Finally I used the lighten blending mode on all of the stacked image.  The lighten blending mode replaces dark pixels with the lightest pixel from the same location on any image from the stack.  What resulted is a sky that appears to be smeared across the photograph.
Meta Data:  24mm     f/8     SS: Aperture Priority every 10 seconds    ISO: 100

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