Sunday, July 14, 2013

Helicopter Garage

Building:  Medical Ambulance and Helicopter Garage
Location:  West Burlington, IA
Time:  10:02am
Composition:  In the photograph, I wanted to capture the relationship of the helipad to the garage.  The distance from where the image is taken and the location of the helicopter is the distance it must be carted each time it is needed to take of for an emergency.  I also wanted to capture the skewed angle of the pivot garage door.  While the door raises on a pivot, the door in relationship to the helipad is somewhat awkward on site.
Process:  I had a lot of trouble white balancing the shot because half is in shade and half is in direct sunlight.  Needless to say, when doing post production, for the final image, I will have to work on bringing two different white balanced images together
Meta Data:  20mm     f/8     SS: 1/500s     ISO: 100

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