Friday, October 5, 2012

Coover Hall

Building:  Coover Hall
Location: Ames, IA
Time: 3:24 pm October 5th
Composition:  Standing in the courtyard of Coover.  I was drawn here by the rock chips that sit here.  In this image, the rocks create what appears to be a crumbling surface.  It's interesting to see where two parts of the Original Coover Hall Connect with the new addition.  I plan on taking a night shot from this same location in the future so that the stair case and labs are visible through the windows.
Since this was a cloudy day, I decided to include the sun in the image to give a "burst" to the sky.
Process:  I used the HDR function that is built into my camera to take this image.  While it doesn't work as good as say photoshop in merging images, I really like what it did to the sky.
Meta Data:  18mm     f/5.6     SS:1/800s     ISO: 100

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