Saturday, October 20, 2012

Morrill Hall

Building:  Morrill Hall
Location:  Ames, IA
Time:  7:12 pm October 20
Composition:  Standing in the street looking at the building.  The sodium light helps define the curvature of the turret but it also washes out the base of building.  I've always liked the violet lights that turn on at night.  Good night sky.
Critique:  There is a litte vignetting in the photo.  The foreground is a little over exposed and the roof is a little under exposed.  Good candidate for HDR.
Process:  I had to use a long exposure due to the time this shot was taken.  I used photoshop to fix the verticals and horizontals.  Finally, I increased the brightness a little to bring out some detail in the roof.
Meta Data:  26mm     f/4.2     SS: 13s     ISO:100

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