Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Engineering Skywalk

Building:  Skywalk between Howe Hall and Hoover Hall
Location:  Ames, IA
Time:  7:23 pm  October 16
Composition:  I am standing against the north wall of the skywalk, closer to Hoover Hall.  By standing off center, I do not run into the issue of the misalignment between the lights and the duckt work above them, which run down the center of the skywalk.  Also, by standing closer to the wall, the curve of the skywalk becomes more clear.  The curved wall, ceiling, and floor work together to guide your eye into the photograph.  A comment can be made about how the glass wall takes up half of the photograph.  Is the subject of this photograph the glass wall or the walkway?
Critique:  This image would benefit from being taken earlier.  At an earlier time, Howe hall would be visible through the glass of the skywalk and the sky would not appear black in the image.  The earlier time would also allow me to use a faster shutter speed.
Process: Used a tripod to get a shaper image since my shutter speed was so low.
Meta Data:  18mm     f/5.6     SS:1/3s     ISO: 100

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